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We are a company that helps you secceed through design.

CEMENT PRODUCE DESIGN representative Tsutomu Kanaya

Our representative Tsutomu Kanaya and his views on design,
product production and his vision for CEMENT.
He holds seminars and lectures throughout Japan.

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Services that we Provide

Advertising Design

We design advertisements that fits you and your company’ s needs

Web Design

We first assess your company’s values and it’s needs, then we tailor designs to generate results from your target audience.

Product Design

We will propose various potential products that would have a positive impact to your company.

Package Design

Through package design we will be able to not only advertise for the product itself, but also advertise and shape your company’s identity.


Promotional Tools Design

From posters, to price tags, we formulate a design that promotes sales and brand identity to your customers.

Editorial Design

We produce smart cut designed catalogues and other editorial designed goods that will appeal to your audience.

Logo Design

From the logo of your company, to every individual shop, our logo designs will show your companies identity and it full potential worth.

Spatial Design

We show your brand’s identity, its values and its potential through spacial design.


Product Development for Local Industries

We analyze the needs of your company and use different approaches to design products that will benefit the company.

Produce of Government Organization

We produce and design products for government organizations and support all the way to sales.

Company Consulting

We access the management resources of small, medium to micro businesses and work with you to find the way to success.

OEM & Product Direction

We can design products that collaborate your company and our partner makers. Please let us l know if you have any requires.


Event Production

We will propose designs and cooperate with caterers to make your ideal event.

Education Institution Lecturer

Using actual examples from shops and manufacturers, we can propose an exciting curriculum for education institutions.

Seminars and Lectures

Our representative Tsutomu Kanaya gives seminars and lectures thoughout Japan.

Our Store and Gallery

We can propose and design events that can be held in our gallery.



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